Why Buy Roller Shutters?

Ever wondered if the cost outweighed the benefits and what all the fuss was about? Ask yourself these questions?

  • Ever worried about being home/in the office alone?

  • Too much noise outside and can't sleep?

  • Too might light in the room to watch that movie?

  • Worried about the hail coming down outside?

  • Feel like your curtains and blinds don't give you enough privacy?

  • Worried about securing the house/workplace when you go on holiday or leave for the day?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then the chances are, Roller Shutters are right for your home/workplace.

Roller Shutters offer the following:-

  • Insulation – With the Australian Climate seemingly getting hotter each summer and colder each winter, you can reduce the amount of heat entering into your home via your windows by up to 90%. And in winter, you can reduce the amount of chill coming in and heat going out by up to 70%. That’s not only a huge plus to keep you comfortable, but consider how much you’d be saving on heating and cooling bills throughout the year.
  • Noise Reduction - Whether it’s the neighbour’s kids playing in the yard after you’ve come home from a 12 hour shift or a busy highway outside your front door keeping you up at night, Roller Shutters can help. With the installation of Roller Shutters around your home, you can reduce the sound transfer by up to 50% helping keep the racket outside where it belongs.
  • Light Control – Full Blockout can be achieved to give you a peaceful night’s sleep or to watch a horror movie during the school holidays. But other advantages in light control give you the flexibility to reduce the amount of sunlight (UV rays) hitting your flooring and furnishings causing damage.
  • Security – Feel safe knowing that your Roller Shutters are not only a deterrent to burglars, but they are also very difficult to break into. When fully closed no preying eyes can see into your home to see if you have any valuables or what you’re up to.
  • Nature – Depending on the type of Roller Shutter you invest in, these can help with the elements. Hail stones won’t have a chance to break windows in a storm, nor will flying debris and branches when the wind picks up and what about bushfires? If you live in a bushfire area, these can aid in the protection of your home from going up in flames.

Our Range

Our Roller Shutters come in a large range of standard colours to complement most residential and commercial colour schemes. For more information on our range of high quality, Australian made security roller shutters, please select an option below:-



Should you have any questions in regards to which Roller Shutter style is best suited for your needs, feel free to give us a call at any time on 1300 857 534.